Bobabox is a small business originating from Vancouver, BC. We are a small team of bubble tea enthusiasts looking to spread our boba knowledge to everyone!

Strawberry Bubble Tea
Matcha Milk Tea Bubble Tea
Taro Bubble Tea Kit

Our Mission

To bring the convenience of quality bubble tea to the comfort of your own home. We understand those sudden cravings for bubble tea late at night when all the shops are closed...we are here today with a solution for that! Order a kit and enjoy bubble tea anytime and anywhere!

Authentic Taste

The ingredients used in every Bobabox are sourced from the motherland of bubble tea, Taiwan! So go ahead and recreate your favourite bubble tea drink, we promise it will taste the same.

Why choose DIY Boba Kits?

Making your own bubble tea is more sustainable, affordable and healthier than buying from in-store. Win-win-win!